Personal Driver Services

“Keep  your car and let us do the driving.” For some families this may be the latest option in Senior Transportation. The transportation model is based on designated driver services once used to encourage safe driving. These same services have found a niche in the retirement hub of Florida where program members make up 15-20% of their business.

What Does it Cost?

Companies charge an annual membership fee ranging from $25-$399, and an hourly charge for the ride. David Zwick, entrepreneur of RedCap said, seniors can obtain discounts through organizations and charities that could make RedCap memberships as low as $99 a year. Both ReCab and BeMyDD  say their prices are comparable to what seniors would pay for a taxi.

Where Can You Go?

Anywhere you want. The cost of each ride is based on duration, not destination. Multiple stops are part of the service. For many seniors a trip might include, the bank, personal grooming, and shopping. Or perhaps lunch with friends at a favorite restaurant.

Who is Your Driver?

Both companies require a background screening of their drivers that check for  DUI’s, felonies, sex offenses, and accidents. A Personal Driver carries their own insurance and are also covered by a umbrella insurance.

How Does it Work?

Members make reservations online or by phone and BeMyDD offers an app. Both companies require pick up time, date, duration and address. The process is similar to a taxi service. The difference? Your Personal Driver is screened and you can ride in your own car.


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